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By Filip Björner
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  Abstract of article 6
In Sweden a murderer...
...can legaly be limitational after 25 years. By then the period for prosecution has expired. Because of this fact a nazi criminal can live in Sweden as a kind of free zon. The Simon Wiesenthal Center has protested against this. But the Swedish prime minister has answered that the Swedish parliament cannot change laws retrospectively.
In my article I claim that the limitation law both can and should be changed retrospectively, because it is a law which from the very beginning was not made for protecting law-abiding individuals. And the only valid reason for not changing laws retrospectively is in order to protect legaly behaving persons from being punished by rules that they could not foresee.
My debate article number 6 is therefore, as a total, a support for the demand raised by the Simon Wiesenthal Center on Sweden.
Furthermore: In my article I also thoroughly explain why the validity of an ethical principle is bound by the essential facts in its creation context. And the highest ethical principle of all, is the respect for an innocent human life.

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Some reactions
The Swedish prime minister at the time, Göran Persson, answered through a middle man politely on this article. But nothing more happened at that time. Some years later, though, the Swedish legislation was changed in the direction I had recommended.

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